Monday, July 29, 2013

Wrap-Up II

Online Card Class Summer Card Camp2

This card was my take on a card created by Maggie Holmes, posted as "Whimsical Fun" on our final day of class. Not many people are posting cards in the class gallery, but I wanted to try one more card. I am not what you would call a "whimsical" person, I don't think anyway. I like to place everything in specific places in specific ways, so this card is not very close to what we saw in class. Hope you like it anyway!

The photo is a little dark because the weather is a bit cloudy, with little sunshine to provide light.

I had to stamp my background twice, side by side, because the size was not big enough to fit clear across the card when I stamped it just once. For some reason I thought I could make it match without any special tools, but I missed by about a quarter of an inch. That's why the butterflies are going down the page--to cover up the blank space between the stamped background! I think it looks all right this way rather than the butterflies going across like it showed in class. I added some bling with a few gems to brighten up the card. I also stamped the inside with "Celebrate" and a few hearts, but there's no photo to show that just yet. (Now it's raining and is really too dark for a photo!)

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your comments immensely. They energize me to keep going on this creative journey. Have a good day!


  1. I think your card looks GREAT Sharon!!!!!:) AFTER-ALL, we can't do EVERYTHING JUST LIKE our teachers!:) We NEED INDIVIDUALITY!!!!!!:) Your card came out SPENDIDLY!!!!:)

  2. Great card Sharon. Very clever covering the mistake with the butterflies


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