Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beautiful You

Hello again! I'm back with an easy, CAS card I created for my sister, who's been a dancer most of her life.

I LOVE this image! It's called Beautiful You and I bought it from Stampin Up! It comes with two sets of images and sentiments. The inside of this card says "Life looks beautiful on you." Since my sister is a bubbly gal with lots of sparkle, I thought it was appropriate for her.

The cardstock I used came from Gina K Designs, and the ribbon was in my stash.

I'm still working on putting my craft room together, so finding what I needed to create a card wasn't easy. Fortunately, the ribbon was in the right spot for me to reach it easily!

Thank you'all for your support since my fall. My knee pain has let up since my doctor gave me cortisone shots last week. I'm wearing a brace to hold my knee cap in place until Physical Therapy helps me build some muscles to do the trick. Knee replacement is coming somewhere down the road, but I'm not ready for that yet and am counting on PT to get me back on my feet now. Thank you for your patience while I recuperate! I have NOT forgotten you, dear friends.

Thank you for stopping by again today. I appreciate your comments and visits very much, and I hope to see you again real soon ~

A Gift for 2017

Hi everybody! I was cleaning out old pictures on my camera and realized (to the best of my knowledge) I'd never given this project a real post & explained the steps in creating it. Better late than never!

NOTE:  Please disregard the date on the photos. My camera was not set to the right date!

As a New Year's gift for 2017, I created a Family Favorites Recipe Book for my family. My mother was a tremendous cook, and I am fortunate enough to have her recipes since she's passed. My brother, sister, and my two sons have favorites, but not one of us has had a collection of all the family favorites together in one place.

I found the cookbook binders at a local store that came with patterned papers, matching notepads and magnets. Although I had hoped to use cards with Mom's original handwriting, I found it impossible to configure on the computer. I found the notebooks to be the easiest and most sensible way to put the project together.

After going through my mother's recipes and selecting the ones I wanted to use, I typed them up on the computer and then printed each on patterned paper like you see above. When I ran out of printed paper, I took the package to the local Office Max and had them copy everything. That way all the paper looked the same & I could have a few extra copies.

Each recipe has special memories. For example, Mom's Spiced Beef  was prepared every Christmas Eve, and it took her 3 days to complete the recipe! I remember seeing her work on that for an entire weekend at a time. I never realized until typing her notes all the work -- and love -- she put into each meal. We were truly blessed to have a Mother who enjoyed cooking. How I miss traditions such as our special Christmas Eve meal.

My family was surprised to receive their New Year's gift this year, and I am so happy I took the time to create this project.

If you ever wonder if a project such as this is worth it, don't hesitate. It will be worth your time and effort...and your love.

Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate your comments and visits very much, and I will see you again real soon ~ I actually have another post for today, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thank You & Update

Hi everybody! I'm finally back with a fun card I created using products from Gina K Designs. The stamps are from the latest Stamp TV Kit, called Bold and Blooming. I love the style of these flowers and leaves. The sentiment is nice and bold, which I also adore. The recipient gets the message, right away!

I used my Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Watercolor markers to add color to the image. It's been a while since I sat down to color, but I found it to be very relaxing. I needed that! I didn't try to use much shading. I'll have to work on that later.

Please accept my apologies for the long absence. Soon after moving, I went to West Virginia and stayed with my sister so we could attend the wedding shower for my son's fiance. You know me -- something almost always happens when I least expect it. Missing a step on my sister's stairwell, I went down fast, popping my knee cap, several ligaments and tendons, too. The good news is this didn't happen until after the Bridal Shower! Hurray!

I managed to fly back home the day after my fall, and I've been sitting on the couch ever since (or walking with crutches).

Time heals, and it'd better heal fast because I've got a wedding to attend in June! I am NOT walking down that aisle with crutches, a brace, or even a cane. NO WAY.  My son deserves the best I can give! I mean, just look at him! Ahhhh, a mother's pride.

Well, that's it!

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your comments and visits very much, and I hope to see you again real soon ~