Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Up?

Sometimes I feel like my life is still tumbling down those steps. Some things are up; others are not. Such is life. Whatever hits, hits with a BANG.

I am trying to get back to creating cards, but my level of creativity has dropped temporarily as other challenges in life cloud my thinking.

Got the word today the only way to fix my ankle and leg is surgery. This Friday. THIS Friday! My Dr. seems to have a sense of humor. He has no idea the challenges I face preparing for another surgery--my second in the past seven months...and, no, the other surgery had nothing to do with broken limbs. It was simply another hurdle I had to get through...but the good thing is, I got through it.

I asked where I could find the silver lining in this surgery. My son answered, plain and simple.

"The silver lining is your ankle will be fixed."


The odd thing is, while this physical challenge has disrupted my otherwise quiet life, other challenges have become quite positive. Literally.

Did you see "The Outlawz Proud to be a Winner" badge to the right on my blog? Yes! I won the Outlawz Challenge for the month of March, which gifts me some free Oozak products! The challenge had been for a 3D object, and I entered the shadow box I made for my son and his new bride. (See Older Posts) That's not all. I also won $20 worth of stamps from Unity Stamp Company a month ago. AND...I won a Grab Bag of free gifts from Gina K Designs when my red, white & blue card was chosen as a winner! I can hardly stand all this good luck! That's ok...it's beginning to balance out!

So, What's Up? My leg, my life, my challenges. Literally.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well, this chic who missed a step (or 6) last week, now sits on the couch, leg raised in its neon pink cast. Crutches are within reach. The persistent pain of a broken ankle is my reminder that hopping is the only way of walking now.

The real pain comes from craft withdrawal! My supply of paper, ink & stamps are within sight, but are not within reach. OUCH! They are just across the room but too far to touch.

As if to tease, stamps & inks that I'd won from a blog hop arrived in the mail. In eager desperation, the package was opened. Excitement! Then, calm...the kind of calm that comes with caution. Knowing I had to be careful not to spill, the new products were sampled--inked up and stamped onto note paper sitting on my lap. That was my first step. I didn't spill. Nothing fell or broke.

Second step? How far can I get with my second step? All the way to the table with my paper, ink & stamps? Can I not spill once I get there? Stay tuned!