Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well, this chic who missed a step (or 6) last week, now sits on the couch, leg raised in its neon pink cast. Crutches are within reach. The persistent pain of a broken ankle is my reminder that hopping is the only way of walking now.

The real pain comes from craft withdrawal! My supply of paper, ink & stamps are within sight, but are not within reach. OUCH! They are just across the room but too far to touch.

As if to tease, stamps & inks that I'd won from a blog hop arrived in the mail. In eager desperation, the package was opened. Excitement! Then, calm...the kind of calm that comes with caution. Knowing I had to be careful not to spill, the new products were sampled--inked up and stamped onto note paper sitting on my lap. That was my first step. I didn't spill. Nothing fell or broke.

Second step? How far can I get with my second step? All the way to the table with my paper, ink & stamps? Can I not spill once I get there? Stay tuned!

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  1. Be careful little Miss. Remember that you don't want to prolong this misery. I feel for you. Do you have a lap desk, or clipboard, perhaps big enough to at least stamp in your lap? Oh gosh, it's the pits, right? Mind yourself, and get better quickly. Then, back to creating.


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