Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shaker Shaker!

Week 2, Day 3, Summer Card Camp2

Today we learned how to create Shaker Cards. I'd like to say, "What fun!" but by the time I was done with the FIRST one my feet were hurting and I had to sit down for a break. (I'm recuperating from a broken ankle.) Then, when I realized I had not followed directions as shown in the video by Kelly Marie Alvarez, I groaned.  Why do I always make things harder than they have to be?

Here is my first card. At first I did not feel very positive about my work, but now I'm "adjusting" my thoughts. To make this card, I dry embossed the inside piece with a Cuttlebug Star Embossing Folder, then added tiny blue plastic beads, gold stars and misc. "candy" from Magic Scraps. I have had that stuff for nearly ten years and rarely used it. So glad I don't throw anything away when it comes to homework for these classes! The Shaker Box is on the inside of this card, which makes it very thick and bulky. When I closed it, I realized something wasn't right as far as following directions. Despite that, I carried on and stamped SU stars in blue on green paper, then cut them out and added on top. (I've also had the background paper for several years. You never know!) I couldn't remember if the plastic piece went on the inside or the outside. I tried both.

If I'd just kept the video close by this wouldn't have stumped me, but I'm stubborn and want to try things myself.

Ten minutes into my fifteen minute break, I knew I had to try again. Cards in the gallery look so good, and the video looked so easy! Surely I could do better.

Here we go again. Two cards. You can tell me, if you want, what you think about either one or both. That really does help my progress! I love to read what stands out to others who see my cards because that's how I learn and grow in this creative adventure.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are having a positive, creative day!


  1. Nice cards - I was wondering what the difference would be if you made a full-size card rather than the round card she used.

    I'm wanting to try this - are these cards too thick to go in the mail? Mine will go overseas...

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The card I created is not heavy, just bulky. That could be because I used two layers of foam for the Shaker Box. Maybe if you only used one layer and kept everything inside it to light, flat pieces like sequins (some of my stars & other "candy" were thick)it would go through easier. I am not sure how they charge for overseas -- size or weight, or both?

  2. Well done! I have yet to try one of these shaker cards--they look very time consuming! Love your star sequins, by the way!

  3. I think for the square card, if you had just mounted it on top of the card, all would have been fine. The round one is adorable. The cloud idea is darling. Thank you for all the nice things you have posted on my blog. We are here for each other!

  4. Don't worry so much Sharon! I DO THE SAME THING!!!!! You just get so excited & don't you said without your computer on...! I cleared off my desk JUST SO I COULD HAVE MY COMPUTER RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME FOR THE CLASSES! I DO HOPE your ankle is feeling better! (NO FUN!)I LOOOOOOVE that you persisted & tried again! Your card is FABULOUS!!!! LOVE those little star beads! (I don't throw out things either!) I LOOOOVE the look of these little Shaker Boxes! :)SUPER JOB!!!!!! AND THANKS for joining by blog!!! WHAT A NICE SURPRISE!!!!!!!:)

  5. Sharon, I love both your cards! I've been making Shaker Cards for years, and once you get the hang of it, they're pretty quick to do.

    All that said, the process they're teaching in the class is different to what I've done in the past, and looks to be far more efficient.

    I hope to give it a try later today.

  6. I love both cards, but probably like the circle one the best. Those colors appeal to me more. What's the deal with bulky? Do you mean the card won't close? Would it help to made the side into two creases, say 1/4 inch apart? I made a little booklet type card once, and that's what I ended I[ doing to accommodate the thickness. (You know I had to re-make the card cover when I realized the problem, so don't feel alone in that. LOL) If that's not it, then I don't get it, but I have never made a shaker card, so, guess I will maybe learn from you! Way to go that you even tried! woohoo!


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