Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Embossed Die Cutting Again!

This is still another try at embossing a die cut. I wanted to keep trying until I created one that made me feel good about this color palette of brown, blue and purple. For some reason, I keep going back to the table for one more try. It's nearly dark now, so this will stop with this card. Promise! At least for today...

The thing is, you can't see all the hard work that went into embossing this tiny die! SERIOUSLY...see the white dots on the leaf? That's when I was drying one of the layers of VersaMark and it blew off the mat and onto the table, the chair, bucket of Copics, or floor. Whatever, you get the picture! Both the stems of gold and the flower and leaf were embossed about four times. My heat gun was just too hot to emboss the sentiment by then. You see I caught a piece of cat hair there, too...what a mess!

Why did I post this picture? For you. Your interest makes all the frustration worth it, believe me! You keep me going. Everybody seemed to enjoy this die cut the last time I created a card with it, so I thought I'd give it another shot but with a new technique. If you like the die, it is a Memory Box Tulip Die, so keep an eye out for it.

Hope you have a wonderful creative experience! Love your comments, your visit, your interest. Thank you!


  1. Sharon - you are so funny! But, you could not have had a thinner die for this project. It was hard to work with thin pieces, but you did a great job. I held on tight with tweezers when heat setting the embossing powder. Be proud of your card, you made it work.

  2. YOU'RE ON A ROLL SHARON!!!!!!! I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean about things FLYING AROUND!!!! AND I get those cat hairs too!!!! (We've got 4 around here & a dog!!) I'm GLAD you're enjoying the techniques today!!!!!!;) SUPER JOB!!!!!!:)

  3. Very pretty! I love the CAS look :) (And I SO know what it's like to get cat hair in your projects, on your stamps before they're inked, in your embossing powder, etc. etc.!!)


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