Friday, July 19, 2013

Ink Carving

Week 2, Day 5, Summer Card Camp2

Today Jennifer McGuire taught us how to cut into the center of the flowers on our stamp to mark into the ink. That leaves a white space where we marked, and creates individual designs into the flowers. I used Hero Arts Shadow Inks and it worked out ok, some better than others. After several tries, this card finally made me happy.

The stamps are from Stampin Up! and the sentiment is from Simon Says Stamps Flower Friend, my favorite. After taking these pictures, I also went back and added drops of white enamel in the centers of the flowers. I thought you could see the ink carving better without it.

My feet don't hurt yet, so there might be more. I'd like to keep trying the example with the vellum, but that will be a later card. For now, I am happy to have you here to look at this one, and please let me know what you think. Your comments truly inspire me, motivate me, and teach me how to progress. Thanks!


  1. Beautifully crafted! I need to go watch Jennifer's video to learn this technique.

  2. The ribbon border is just the right touch. I love all the stamping, you did a great job.

  3. FABULOUS JOB SHARON!!!!!!!!:) WOW!!!!!!!!:)

  4. Sharon, you did a wonderful job on Jennifer's lesson! Lovely card!

  5. I tried this technique as instructed: by taking a stylus and tried to scrape (or carve) lines onto my stamps.....but, I think my flower were too small, so, to salvage the project, I ended up taking my white gel pen and making lines, and dots after stamping. So, there are stamps that this works really well, then stamps that don't work at all. Harrumph. YOUR example is fantastic. Nice Job, Sharon, and the ribbon is a great touch. Love it!


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