Friday, August 2, 2013

Hoppy Birthday!

Hoppy Birthday was created for an Outlawz challenge where we were supposed to put together a card that included hopping, skipping or jumping. While this frog isn't actually in the act of jumping, he sure is thinking about it, especially with that fly bothering him!

Stamps came from Stephanie Barnard's Stamps of Life, where, as a club member, I receive a monthly stamp set, made in the USA. Love them! (

Thanks for looking. You know how much your comments inspire me to keep moving forward on this creative journey, so write a note, won't you please? Thank you!


  1. This is so stinkin' cute, Sharon! I am a lover of anything froggie and am swooning here!!

  2. Sharon, this is SUPER!! cute...and I really don't like frogs

  3. He's a CUTE LITTLE FROG Sharon!!!!!!:) I think you did a FABULOUS JOB on this challenge!!!!!!!:)

  4. That little frog is so cute! What a fun birthday greeting, Sharon! Thanks for the smiles :-)


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