Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gold Embossing

 I might as well admit it, Fall is just around the corner! The weather has been about ten degrees cooler these past few days, although temps are expected to rise again by tomorrow.  This time of year can be so beautiful...what we used to call "Football Weather" back in college days. I love it!

These two cards were created for a challenge at Gina K Designs where we are supposed to use gold anywhere on the card. My mind immediately went to embossing with gold powder, so that's what you see on these two cards, along with a gold ribbon on one.

Thanks for looking! Appreciate your comments -- they definitely keep me motivated to continue on this creative journey, day by day.


  1. These are beautiful gratitude cards, Sharon! You remind me how much I love gold embossing and it's the time of a year where it's so fitting on cards. TFS!!

  2. P.S. Hi Sharon, I don't see an email address for you, so I'll put this in a comment. I thought you would like to know that when I leave a comment, it works fine and it shows up on your post, but immediately in my inbox I get an email "Delivery status failure." It doesn't happen with any other blogs I comment on, even those with Google+, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with how your comments are set up? I assume that if it's happening to me, it's happening to others and if they don't bother to go back in and see that their comments WERE published, they might get turned off and never leave you comments thinking "what's the point if they aren't going through." I would want to know if this was happening to my readers, so I thought you'd like to know. Unfortunately, I'm not computer savvy enough to tell you which box to check or uncheck; hopefully someone can help you. You can email me (address is on my profile page) after you've changed it, if you want, and I'll be happy to do a test comment and see if it's changed. Hugs, Darnell


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