Monday, April 11, 2016


Hello! How has everyone been? I'm back with a card I created last week for my friend (and landlord). I include her rent check in a handmade card every month. Our "secret" is that I never sign it so she can give the card to someone else. 

For the front, I used patterned paper, cardstock and Blue Lagoon ink from Gina K Designs. The stamp set I used is called Banner Blessings from Stampin Up! For the inside, I used a sentiment and flower from Theresa Momber's Birds & Blossoms 2 at Gina K Designs.

This was a very quick, easy card to create. If you have these sets, or something like them, give it a try whenever you don't have the time to create a more complicated card. You know me, CAS Gal!

Update: My ankle surgery went very well. I was in surgery about a half hour and woke up with absolutely NO pain! The doctor tried something new -- Exparel, an injection of a local analgesic that numbs the tissue around the surgical site for THREE DAYS! WooHoo! I was happy! It was just like a nerve block but it lasted a whole lot longer. By the time it wore off, I had very little pain because enough time had passed to begin the healing. Now I have 6 weeks ahead of total rest. Hmmmm...

A big shout-out to my sister, Cecilia, for being so absolutely WONDERFUL! She took care of EVERYTHING, from vacuuming to grocery shopping to preparing meals. My freezer is now full of enough food to last me a month. She even painted my nails and sewed the holes in my favorite blanket! Can't beat that. I've got to thank her husband, Rich, for lending her to me for a few days. I love her so much, not just for what she does but who she is. I think she deserves an extra-special card as soon as I can stand long enough to create it!

Well, you'all have a good week! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments and visits very much, and I hope to see you again next time!


  1. Wonderful to hear that surgery went well - and despite the recovery ahead, you've got great support and a great attitude!

    What a fun card in which to include your rent!

  2. So glad your surgery went well! Love the butterfly.

  3. Glad you're on the mend and had some helping hands! Love your card, the layers are perfect, especially over that DP print, super pretty this way. Lovely butterfly! Be well!

  4. Your sister sounds like a real gem!!! My sister is the same way. And awesome about the Exparel....they sure have come a long way in the pain area. Now to the card....let me just say I LOVE IT!!! That butterfly is just beautiful, and the patterned paper as a mat is genius! But what's REALLY genius is giving a card without a signature so the recipient can use it again. I'm going to start doing that! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Woohoo! Glad it went well! Love the card - I sign mine to some of my friends on a post-it - the little ones, stick another envelope in and then they can "recycle" it to the next person. However, sometimes my great sis says she just wants to keep it! Lol! Hugs!

  6. Glad your surgery went and I hope the recovery goes just as well. How clever to pay your rent in a unsigned card. I always send my sister's cards unsigned but she keeps them all. ;)


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