Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2 Day 8

Hello everybody! How's your week starting out? I hope you find some sunshine wherever you live. I see a peek of it today, and that makes it a Happy Day!

Today is Day 8 for Stretch Your Stamps 2 Online Card Class. What fun we're having! The lessons include the stamp set called Rounded Diamonds by Avery Elle. It is full of various shapes you can create designs with. I'll be honest with you -- when I first got the stamp set I wasn't sure WHAT to do with it! Too many options for my little brain I guess. :) Fortunately, the teachers have helped guide me toward some awesome ideas for cardmaking.

For this card, I stamped two rows of a teardrop shape and then trimmed it on both sides before adhering to the card. Then I die cut the sentiment on another piece of cardstock and adhered a blue piece of paper behind it before attaching it to the card. That's it!

Well, I thought that was it until my cat, Pooky-Blue, jumped up on the table and put his paw on the card, bending it a little. I had gone too far to trash the card, so I put extra adhesive down to keep it from popping up.

I do believe Pooky-Blue heard some words out of my mouth he hadn't heard before! He quickly jumped down from the table and went to scratch his box. That's where he goes when he's excited/nervous/anxious/been bad. You get the picture. All is calm now, thank goodness.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your visits and comments very much, and I especially appreciate you hanging with me while I take this class! You've been extra sweet and encouraging, and that keeps me moving forward at a happy speed while on this creative journey. Take it easy, and I hope to see you again real soon ~


  1. Great job - love the colours you chose for your border.

  2. Love the simplicity and how you created the border.

  3. Cute card - Cat mishap and all !

  4. How do animals know we are in the middle of something that doesn't really need their input? I have two cats and two dogs that do this quite often, so know how you feel. This card looks fantastic and so glad you finally have some ideas of what to do with the stamps. I've had to use triangles which actually isn't too bad but would love to get my hands on this Avery Elle set!!

  5. Cute card! Very different than the ones you usually make, but it is still a good job.

  6. CATS! A love/hate relationship. I find it so funny how they will lick themselves really fast if they have done something embarrassing. Anyway, your card is awesome. Love your color choices. I have really enjoyed your creations from the class. I think after we get from our vacation I might tackle it. Looks like you have learned a lot.

  7. SWEET! The design and stamps you choose are simply lovely!


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