Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2 Day 10

Look familiar? If you were here yesterday, it should! For Day 10 of Stretch Your Stamps 2 Online Card Class I redid the pink card I created yesterday but used a different color. I like this one better, I think.

Just like yesterday, I first stamped in white and then followed it with blue. I didn't use as much ink as the last one and I think it looks better. Maybe I just like blue better, I don't know. Anyway, this is my card for the Gallery.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your comments and visits very much. Some of you have been here every single day throughout class, and that means the world to me! Thank you so very much! Hope to see you again real soon ~


  1. Beautiful card. I like the colors on this and had to go back a page to see the first card colors. Don't make me choose.. I love them both!

  2. I love the blue, and the pink! I like how the white oval for your greeting really pops. Just lovely.

  3. I must try this technique, love the effect. The blue is just as pretty as the pink. No favorites here, I love them both!!!

  4. I agree - both are beautiful - just different!

  5. I love the blue, so soft and pretty. It's o.k. if I have 2 favorites....right???

  6. Love the blue, but, both cards are beautiful in their own way.
    Blue and white just looks pretty because it reminds one of the sky and clouds, I think. Plus, those colors remind me of old blue and white stoneware dishes, so it's nostalgic. Just saying....LOL


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