Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WOWW 218

GUESS WHAT??????????? It's time for Stamping Ground's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday again! WooHoo! And I didn't even clean it off from last week--YIKES! Fortunately, I do have a different card front & center, which means some of the stuff around it is a bit different, too.

 I just posted the card, which is called Peach Butterfly and is for Curtain Call's Perfectly Peach challenge. I love peach--everything peach! That includes the fruit, too. Anyway, it was hard to come up with that card because I hardly had anything peach color for some reason.

 I found a couple sheets of paper that were peach and another that had peach in it, along with one peach ("cantaloupe") ink pad, so that's what I used. The brown ink pad is out because that color was stamped for the sentiment. The ink pads in the plastic box are what I have from Stampin Up--I found a peach pad in there, too. You can see the paper for the card came from The Mariposa Mat Stack, which is right beside the card. I also just loaded up my other ATG gun and began using it since it has a more narrow adhesive roll. (The yellow ATG gun uses a wider adhesive roll, which is what you've seen on my desk previously.) Both fit into my neat ATG gun box my friend built for me. I'll say it again...what a dear friend!

My stamping blocks are still on the desk, to the far left. You can hardly see them. Yes, they are still stacked! I stack them every time I finish using them. Now, if I'd just figure out what to do with all that scrap paper I'd really have a neat desk! What do you gals do with it? I have two boxes loaded with scraps, but I'm not sure what to do with most of the small pieces. I use them just as much as the larger pieces but I haven't figured out a good place to keep them. Organizing them by color would be a great idea, but after that, I'm stumped. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions. I'd appreciate it!

Hope you're having a Wonderful Wednesday! It's a cold day here in North Carolina, but better days are coming. So glad March has arrived!

I appreciate your visits and your comments very much. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a peachy post Sharon! Your card looks lovely and that does sound like a very dear friend indeed. Storing of scrap paper is always a problem. I have two A4 size boxes presently, one for plain and one for patterned paper. The very small pieces I have taken to throwing away now (sssh, don't tell anyone - lol).

    Thanks for your visit to my desk earlier. Have a good week xx

    Sherry (88)

  2. I love that Mariposa paper, I have it in 12 x 12. I am also struggling with my scraps. I need to separate them by color but I don't know what to put them in or where to put all of it once I do get it separated.

  3. Hi Sharon...your pretty card is perfect for that challenge! My scraps have their own file box and are separated by color....however it does take doing more than must actually use them! You know, the ones I use the most are probably white and vanilla. Thanks for your visit...Susan #99

  4. Hey I just chuck all the scraps in the scrap box I have one for patterned paper and one for card stock. The really small pieces I was throwing away but now I have found a few card ideas to use them up, so that is now on the agenda.

    I love that Mariposa Paper I have the 12 x 12 pad and have used it many times. Thanks of visiitng and leaving a comment.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 14
    Happy WOYWW

  5. Hi Sharon, Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Loving the card.

    You could maybe put your scraps into box folders, or if not too much into clear file sleeves. I got some nice coloured box files in Morrisons a while back (not sure if you are in this country).

    Well you have a fab day. Sue 59

  6. I have not seen that Mariposa paper. Looks interesting. And I like your card!! Thanks for stopping and happy belated WOYWW!
    Carol N #4

  7. The Art Bin with the dividers is great for the scraps and I love that the top is clear so I can see the colors and not have to dig through a box, a folder, a bag, a whatever I've previously stashed scraps in before. I cut them down to different sizes depending on the size of the scrap. I die cut a lot and save the other part to use on cards too (got that idea from Tim Holtz). Best of luck and thanks for visiting!
    Angie #96

  8. A good question...I'm sure we all struggle with this one. I love to use the little bits of quality scraps for the tiny die cuts I've been collecting. I keep a bin with color coordinated clear sleeves, (recycled prescription bags)of scraps readily available, so they are the first papers I reach for. I often break down the scraps or separate strips and squares. Using the scraps makes me added value.Thanks for asking. I think if your visitors read the post they'll want to give you an answer. I'll check them out after I publish this. Be well Carole #84

  9. So funny, this is what my dining room table looks like!! My husband makes comment every now and then about not being able to eat at the table but I always tell him that I just need to do a few cards and then it will go back in the cupboard.....yeah right!! Thanks so much for your hilarious comment about my 'peachy keen Curtain Call card'. Peanut M&M's seem to be my chocolate of choice at the moment. I'm still amazed that I could enter so many challenges with one card, the only problem is that I already had some designs in mind and I'm itching to do them.....Better tell my husband that dinner is on our laps again tonight!!!

  10. I have done that very thing and sorted my scraps into colours. It is very useful when using my Cricut or Quickcutz and I need to cut something small. I don't need to the then cut into a big piece of cardstock. It did take a while and I was cursing rather a lot by the end! Good luck with your sorting. Thanks for popping by my desk too! x

  11. Love the peachy butterfly card! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm definitely excited about my new plan chest (still!) It's earning its keep already - three books finished since Monday morning!
    You have quite a collection of Stampin' Up stuff - I may have Stamp Envy...

  12. I was just cruising around and stumbled across your blog. I had fun checking out your desk. In regards to what to do with scraps. . . I picked up an interesting idea, but I can't remember where. Maybe OWH? Anyway, the idea is to select a sketch that would use several scraps, cut scraps to the size required. Then the scraps and the sketch can be put in a zip-loc baggie to be assembled later. I put together several similar sets and stapled the bags together. Then when I want to do something, but the creative juices just aren't flowing, I grab a baggie or two and set to work. These make quick-to-assemble gift sets.


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