Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Colorful Gold

Hello everybody! How are you doing today? We're still putting up with clouds & rain, so I got bored and went to AC Moore's with a coupon. Uh Oh! Trouble! I have been resisting Heidi Swapp's Minc Machine for quite a while, but I saw it on sale, 50 percent off. That's the end of the story. HAD to HAVE it.

I have found this machine to be lots of fun to play with, and I can just imagine the beautiful, gold cards I can create at Christmas time. Just a few days after buying the machine, I went back to the store with another coupon to purchase more colors to use. This first card, however, is gold.

The card I'm posting today is actually not a creation of mine -- I CASEd (copy & share everything) it from one of Gina's videos at Gina K Designs' Stamp TV. The paper, from Sending Love Stamp TV Kit, was first sponged with Turquoise Sea, Jelly Bean Green and Passionate Pink inks. THEN I put it through the Minc Machine with a piece of Gold foil, and the whole design turned out gold! Neat, huh? Like magic. Next I pulled out a sentiment from an earlier Stamp TV Kit and ran it through the machine, too, so it would be gold. After layering it on black and white papers, I attached it with a ribbon. That's all it took to create this beautiful card.

Wish you could see the shimmery gold! It's gorgeous. I can see using this machine can be addictive...

Thank you'all for stopping by today. I appreciate your comments and sentiments very much, and I hope top see you again soon!


  1. Oh congratulations! Another member! lol Isn't it FUN?!?! Love your card it is soooooo PRETTY! Your background is gorgeous too!

  2. Beautiful! I need to give my machine a try. I have been busy, so haven't even opened the box. Love the card!

  3. Just beautiful.....so glad you caved with the Minc. You will not be sorry. You have CASED Gina's card perfectly, well done! Now show us some more stuff!!!

  4. Don't you love the look. So simple, but just awesome. Did you do the reverse image yet? They are stunning also. I posted mine in my photos on GK. Think we need to start a foil group on GK also! Hugs!

  5. I will use my imagination for all the sheen and schparkle this gorgeous card must have, Sharon! I love the sponged colors and your layout! Congratulations on getting something you've been wanting and waiting for!! Enjoy! I hope the healing has continued without incident and you're at least walking normally again. You might even be happy dancing around your Minc!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. SOOOOOOO Beautiful Sharon. Does the Mini Minc work on all stamped images or only those printed with a laser printer?

    1. I believe it only works with images printed on a laser printer. I'm still new to this, however, but that is my understanding.

  7. Just lovely - a great combination of elements!


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