Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Copic Markers for Card Makers Day 7

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good day. It's beautiful, warm and sunny here in North Carolina. I bought some Fall flowers for the deck and have plans to replant them into pretty pots and hanging baskets. It's too pretty not to go outside.

We had Day 7 for Copic Markers for Card Makers with Online Card Classes today. The images were these beautiful flowers and also a character bat, which I haven't colored yet. I thought I'd go ahead and post these flowers first before the sun goes down and I don't get pictures of the rest.

The lesson for the first image was to show us how to color a white object using the C markers (C-1, C-3, C-5) for the shadows.

I've done this before on gowns that were meant to be white, and I really like it. I may have put too much grey on here, but it's OK. I really like the red in the center. The green for the leaves is from my new markers, G40, G94 and G99, which came in one pack. I'm not sure I would've picked these three on my own, but they do make a nice leaf.

I tried two different reds on my practice sheets, and finally settled on the ones you see here, R27 and R29.

I think it makes a nice, deep red and looks super with the spot of deep yellow in the center. This is how it was colored in our lesson from Sandy Allnock, and I like it.

Thank you for stopping by today! I appreciate your visits and comments very much, and I hope to have another card for you soon.


  1. Good job my dear - you are rockin' this class! Love your little foxes too. Keep up the good work, I am in awe of your talent!!!

  2. Your flowers look great. I haven't done any of the homework but you have kept up with it very nicely.

  3. Beautiful flowers. Doing a great job!

  4. These are so lovely Sharon! You are just zooming through the class with ease and creating such pretty images!


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