Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Christmas Set!

Hello everybody! I apologize for being absent for so long. I decided to follow your advice and work on some Christmas Card sets! I have several Christmas stamps I've never used, so I brought them all out and got to work.

Obviously, I stuck with traditional red and green Christmas colors. Like I said in my previous post, I have a HUGE stack (well, not so huge now, thank goodness!) of paper in these colors that's quite old, and I felt it was about time I used it.

I tried to add just a little bling to each card, sticking with the red and green colors to go with the white. Everything was colored with Copic markers, which bled a little here and there due to the poorer quality of paper. (This was NOT Gina K paper, for once. There's a big difference, I've learned.)

The lighting on these pictures isn't the best. The weather outside is changing--darker days and cooler temps make it harder to get good light for a quality photograph.

The ribbon I used is from a bundle of 24 rolls of various ribbons by American Crafts. I felt so guilty for buying this much ribbon last year I kept it wrapped up until now! To my defense, it was on sale!

I have no idea who made the rubber stamps. Some are blue, and I purchased those from a friend who was selling them through a catalog. If any of you recognize what that would be, feel free to jump in and tell me who makes them.

Thank you all for suggesting I do this. I've had a lot of fun this week creating different cards while using the same colors of paper. This might just be mass produced even more. (I have about 10 cards so far, which isn't that many, I realize.) It's great to put all this stuff to good use!

Now, to find some challenges for all these cards....

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your visits and comments very much, and I hope to see you again real soon~


  1. Very beautiful set of cards Sharon! Love the traditional Christmas colors still my favorite! Have a Blessed day!

  2. Pretty cards. I still love red and green, also.

  3. I love the entire set.....and not just because I'm partial to red & green for Christmas cards. The blue stamps are probably from Angel Company. I have a few sets I bought several years ago but I don't know if they're still in business.

  4. LOVE these! Don't apologize for traditional...it has worked for centuries! LOL Little play on words, there. hehehe I love the olden stuff, also. I think retro, or whatever they call it now, are fantastic, especially for the Holidays! Right?
    I feel ya, with having some old paper around, and, good for you getting it out and using it!!! YAY!
    I have some cardstock that has actually faded a bit in color. But, there is always enough for a circle or some die cut, right?
    I must have made a gazillion snowflakes with my Snowflake die sets, last year. I crackled some, and glittered some, and they are all waiting in a box, for THIS year. Just saying...LOL
    I love Christmas cards, well, any type of card, actually. Perhaps you can sell some and get some new cardstock, and maybe stamps? There's an idea, right? A little push, maybe?
    Can't get started too early on Christmas cards, I say. In fact, I have some left over cards from making duplicates, or triplicates, or more...last year. I intend to use them. I figure I can make 2 or 3 cards at the same time, while everything is out...assembly-line fashion. So, yeah, I get it! LOL
    Go for it, girlfriend, they make a lovely set!

  5. Go you, Sharon! That's a terrific start and these are all nicely mailable, too! That really is a pretty green and red color. I bought cheap "christmas" colored paper in the early days only to find the red was an orange red and the green was a blue green, but that's not the case with the paper you are using. I love all your designs and have to say the thing that really pops on all of them is the fabulous ribbon so that was a real great buy!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Hi, Sharon.

    What a nice collection of Christmas cards! The traditional red and green color combo work perfectly with your stamped images.

    So glad you chose to share your craftiness with us at Words 2 Scrap By. Thanks for playing along with our September challenge!

  7. Love how you used the same papers to create such a variety of cards. Thanks for playing along with us at words2scrapby.blogspot.com!!


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