Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Copic Markers for Card Makers Day 3

Hello everybody! I'm here with some pictures from Day 3 of Copic Markers for Card Makers Online Card Classes. (I still say that's a mouthful, and typing it isn't any easier!)

Today we were taught how to use grey (the C markers) to add dimension. The first practice image was a coffee cup, using grey on the far left side and blending it in toward the middle with our medium and lightest colors. We had several good video lessons, and all three showed us different ways to blend and use our markers.

This is an example of my coffee cups. I tried bluegreen, blue, brown/tan and pink. My favorites include the bluegreen and the pink. I think the grey blended the best with those.

We went on to practice on umbrellas, using the grey along the bottom, blending it with the darker then the lighter colors. I didn't like this too much, but I had one that I did better than others:

I used the C05 marker on all three panels of the umbrella, and I think it worked the best with the green, red and blue colors that were blended with it.

Everything bled a little over the edges. I think that's what happens when your paper gets too wet. I'm still practicing--a work in progress, so to speak. Please be patient with me as I learn! All of this is starting to make more sense to me, and I'm learning a lot already.

Here are a couple more pictures from yesterday's class. I colored some pretty butterflies and added a deeper color in the center that I did NOT blend so it would be more striking. Hope you like them!

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your visits and comments very much! Take it easy, have a good day, and come back soon!


  1. Hi Sharon! Don't you love this class? Your coloring is Marvy! Isn't it pretty when pink is blended with a gray like on your mug and it turns into a lovely shade of lavender? Beautiful! Very pretty butterflies, too!

  2. Another successful day of learning I see! Glad your enjoying the class and you seem to be taking it all in so well. I like the pink and blue/green cups too, the shading looks great. And that last umbrella, you can really see the shading from the bottom up. Well done!


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