Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hello, My Friend

Hi everybody! Hope you're having a good week!

I bought this Playful Flip-It die several weeks ago from The Stamps of Life and have had a lot of fun with it. There are so many dies and so many options, it's nearly overwhelming! The patterned paper I used for this card is also from The Stamps of Life. Love her paper pads!

My next-door neighbor is disabled and is limited in nearly every way. She loves pink, so I made this card for her. She is such a sweet lady, and we have grown fairly close over the past several months. I wanted to give her something cheerful on a particularly bad day.

I have a new member of my family. Everybody, meet Snuggles!

She's a handful! No wonder, she's only 11 weeks old, 2-1/2 pounds. Her days and nights are mixed up, so mine are, too. It's been 3 weeks, and I'm exhausted! Possibly too old for this? It's just like having a toddler. She's into everything! As you can see, her favorite toy is an empty box.

Thanks for stopping by today! I appreciate your comments and visits very much, and I hope to see you again real soon ~


  1. Awe....little Snuggles is so precious. Hope she gets her days and nights straightened out!! Your card is awesome, I love that die. I have a swing card die that has 3 circles, but I love the shape on this one. Your papers and embellishments fit so well with the shapes too. Really pretty!

  2. I love flip cards and this is so sweet! I also love kittie kats and your darling little Snuggles ♥ Congrats on your latest addition to your family!

  3. Snuggles is adorable! And your card is terrific. How kind of you to make it for your neighbor!

  4. You are so thoughtful, Sharon. I'm sure your fun and fabulous card cheered up your neighbor! And Snuggles, oh my goodness, how adorable! I've never had a kitty, but I have had puppies. There is a steep learning curve for everyone, but before you know it, she'll be all settled in! Love the name!! Hugs, Darnell


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