Sunday, August 2, 2015

OCC Background Check.Days 5 and 6

Hi everybody! I'm so excited! It's here--my final day of homework! Yay!!!

Online Card Class Background Check has been hard to post because we just did parts of cards each day. I didn't want to post a card with just a background, so I've waited until the cards were done to post.

This card I'm showing you today has to be one of my favorites. Sure hope you like it, too! I followed the steps shown in a video by Laura Bassen.

Using a stencil from Simon Says Stamps called Screened Leaves, I covered it with white embossing paste. Since the paste was white, I used green cardstock called Jelly Bean from Gina K Designs. This was the first time I used the stencil, and I was very happy with the result. Finally, following lessons on the last day, I added the sentiment on a piece of vellum and wrapped it around the sides of the cardstock. That completed my card.

Thank you for hanging in there with me this week while I followed the steps in the class. Just like always, I've learned a lot from yet another Online Card Class. You just can't beat them!

I appreciate your comments and visits very much, and I hope to see you again real soon ~


  1. Oh I can totally see why this is going to be a favorite of yours!!! It turned out SO amazing Sharon!!!! I would have held my breath during the reveal - for sure, the EP would smear or crept under the stencil!!! But this is clean as a whistle! Any tricks to prevent the paste from going under the stencil, other than spreading in one direction? I would like to practice :)

    1. I just held my breath, then my mouth just right, prayed and then lifted the stencil! I use a type of knife that's for embossing paste, and that helps it go on evenly.

  2. Gorgeous. The white looks so good with the green card stock.

  3. This. Is. Gorgeous. (no other words needed!!!) ;)

  4. This is fabulous - wonderful choices! Really lovely!

  5. Wow, Laura would be so proud of you!! This is so perfect with your embossing and just love the shapes on that stencil. You must be so pleased with the result and to have learned some new techniques. I'm off to have a look at your other posts!

  6. Awesome card, and great example of stenciling. You really rocked it!!! And I love, love, love the white with the Jelly Bean Green - just stunning!

  7. Seriously AWESOME! Sharon this turned out really amazing -- nice even pasting; apparently I don't hold my mouth right ;) LOL


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