Friday, September 27, 2013

Christmas Lights

Here are two views of the same Christmas card. I felt maybe the second one would be a little too dark, but it shows the beautiful shade of yellow for the cardstock base. I used two different kinds of glitter on these bulbs -- Marsha Stewart for the first and third, and a mix of some kind for the center bulb. I think they go well together, so I included all three on the card. The stamps are from Stephanie Barnard's Stamps of Life.

I am still trying out different types of Christmas cards I might want to use to the upcoming Holiday Season. Your vote counts, so be sure to include a comment and let me know what you think, good or not so good! Thank you!


  1. Very cute, and what a fun sentiment! Loving the glitter :-)

  2. Great idea with the Christmas lights. Love the sentiment

  3. Hi- I don't know how else to leave a comment for you, but thanks for the congrats! I was so excited this morning when I saw the winners announced. I like this card lots, but is it the type of glitter that stays stuck? Some of the new kinds are put on with glossy accents I think. Keep in touch . . .

  4. I went back and added Glossy Accents per your suggestion, and you're right! I like it better! Smart idea!


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