Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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OnCl10 003OnCl10 005OnlCl 7.1 003OnlCl 7.1 004Day 6.1 001Bonus Day 001
OnlCl5.2 001OnlCl5.1 003OnlCl4.5 003OnlCl4.5 002OnlCl4.3 001OnlCl4 006
OnlCl3.4 001Lsn 2 004online class 1 004online class 1 007Online Cl 1.3 001
Blooming Journal

These are the cards I created while taking Clean & Simple 2 Online Card Classes in January & February, 2013. Lots of fun! I plan on taking more classes in the future.

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  1. Love these cards, Sharon. I did think about taking that class, but opted not to. Bad decision! Might have to sign up for it anyways. (Even though it's no longer interactive.)


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