Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pooky-Blue Creates, Too

 This is my cat, Pooky-Blue, and he's the most awesome cat a gal could have. Most of the time, Pooky is right beside me, lounging across the couch beside my feet or in the crook of my arm. If I'm walking quickly from room to room, he slows me down by escorting directly in front of my path. The best, however, is when I'm crafting. He can tell if it's that time. As soon as I pick up ink, scissors or adhesive, Pooky JUMPS ups to his chair at the table, with front paw on selected paper for the day's project.


  1. Hi Sharon! Your site looks great! You're doing a wonderful job on it! I see a few Creative Memories products on your craft table. I was a consultant for about 10 years, but very low key. I actually just gave it up. Still recognize the products, though, LOL! Love looking at your wonderful cards, too!

  2. What a sweet kitty! My cat loves to sit on my craft table too. Makes creating hard!

    (Love the site, BTW.)


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